Fishouse in the Classroom:

“From the Fishouse is the best poetry resource I have found in my ten years in public school teaching for several reasons: First, it has more contemporary poetry available than any textbooks or any library books in my school. Secondly, it’s the only resource I’ve used that allows students to hear poems recited by their authors, which is the purest way to experience poetry. Thirdly, students can read and study the text of the poems, as they appear on the computer screen while the author reads.

“When my students take ‘field trips’ to the Fishouse, they call me over to their computers to have me listen to poems they have found. Such sharing of poetry that they discover on their own has been extremely rare in my experience. In one day, during one visit to the Fishouse, more students shared their enthusiastic responses to poetry with me than all such experiences I’ve had in ten years. That’s not hyperbole. They were not responding to assigned poems; they discovered poetry that moved them to want to share...all on their own.”

—Douglas Woodsum, poet and high school English teacher

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Lola Haskins, Douglas Woodsum, Camille Dungy, and Matt O’Donnell at Messalonskee High School, Oakland, Maine.

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